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The National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile Justice

Needs Assessment

In order to ensure a systematic transition planning process for youth with disabilities in the juvenile justice system, the EDJJ research team has developed a transition need assessment survey. An extensive review of the literature pertaining to promising transition practices for youth with disabilities was conducted (Coffey & Gemignani, 1994). Research indicates that effective transition programs include: preplacement planning, interagency coordination, transfer of records prior to the student's move from one placement or service to another, and specific pre-release transitional programs including social skills, independent living skills, and vocational skills. The EDJJ research team developed this survey to understand the transition planning process within the system and perceptions of youth in secure care systems regarding transition priorities. The EDJJ research team evaluated the survey instrument to ensure clarity and overall consistency with respect to language, content, and format and piloted it in one of the secure care systems of Arizona. This survey can be used with all incarcerated or detained youth prior to release. The results of this survey may assist in providing consultation, training, and technical assistance for staff to help them develop, implement, and evaluate successful transition for students in secure care systems.

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